Visitor statistics are a fundamental part of any hosting service. The amount of people that have been to your website can give you additional information about how it is performing and will tell you if you should work on improving it. Usually the web stats for a site include the everyday and the monthly visits (unique and reloads), the most visited web pages and the referrer websites, so if you notice that a number of pages are getting significantly less traffic than others, you could consider making them more captivating to the visitors to use the full potential of your Internet site. If you're advertising online, you will also be able to see if the cash was well-invested or not, as the web stats in most cases offer information about third-party Internet sites and search engines like Google that refer visitors to your Internet site. Having detailed and accurate stats shall help you improve your site and plan your advertising and marketing strategies much better, in order to get more customers.
Web & FTP Statistics in Shared Web Hosting
If you purchase one of our shared web hosting, you'll be able to access two apps to keep track of your Internet site traffic. They are called Webalizer and AWStats, and the information that you will find in both of them will be as in depth as possible. By the hour, everyday and monthly site visitor stats shall give you a solid idea of how the websites perform, but you shall also find much more data - the most visited landing and exit webpages, the top nations and IPs, the length of each visit, the user’s OS and Internet browser, and many others. This information will help you greatly improve the Internet site and/or your advertising campaigns. The data will be available in graphs and tables, which you can copy or download if you want any data for a report, for instance. Additionally, the Hepsia hosting Control Panel comes with a real-time statistics tool that will allow you to keep tabs on how many visitors are on your Internet site at any given moment in time and what nations they come from.
Web & FTP Statistics in Semi-dedicated Hosting
Our semi-dedicated hosting feature a couple of programs which will provide you with a detailed picture of the overall performance of all the websites hosted in your account. They are known as AWStats and Webalizer, and they shall supply you with all the information which you may need. The data is very detailed, so apart from the standard per month, day-to-day and hourly site visitor statistics, you'll also be able to keep track of things such as the most popular first and last web page seen by your site visitors, the search engines that introduced them to your Internet site along with the keywords they were searching for, the browser and the Operating System they were using, plus more. Having this information will enable you to determine which aspects of the Internet site perform worse than the others, so you can take measures and improve the content, in order to make it more interesting for visitors. You can even adapt your marketing campaigns accordingly to boost the incoming traffic to these pages.